FinTrak Enterprise Budget Solution

FinTrak Software offers a comprehensive budget planning solution designed to streamline and automate the budgeting process within your organization. Our software serves as a centralized hub for processing and approving budgets across various Strategic Business Units (SBUs) and cost centers within the bank.
Say farewell to manual budget processing as our software solution empowers the bank to centrally define, uphold, and manage budget policies through an intuitive policy definition and management module.

With flexible features, our software allows for the exclusion of specific SBUs from certain restrictions, granting SBUs the freedom to set their rates and margins according to the bank’s policies. Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) are efficiently captured by the respective units bank-wide and approved by FINCON or as per Business Units protocols.

Experience the ease of automation with FinTrak budget planning solution as it automatically generates insightful Income Statement activities, and seamlessly constructs Cash Flow Statements derived from the Balance Sheet, all perfectly synchronized.

Our budgeting software solution comes equipped with a variety of pre-built reports accessible at different levels within the bank, providing a comprehensive overview of budgetary activities.

What sets FinTrak budget and planning solution apart is its integration capabilities, ensuring a seamless interface with your existing investments. This not only enhances efficiency but also helps mitigate against waste and loss. Our dedicated support team is committed to assisting you in making your experience with FinTrak Enterprise Budget Planning Solution truly unforgettable.

Choose FinTrak Budget solution as the ultimate budgeting and forecasting software, encompassing the best in budget management software. Elevate your financial planning with our advanced features, making us the best budgeting planner in the market.

Invest in FinTrak Enterprise Budget Solution today for a smarter and more efficient approach to budgeting tools and financial budgeting.

Our Awesome Clients

We have successfully deployed our products to various Tier 1 and Tier 2 Commercial Banks, Mortgage Banks, Insurance firms and Investment Banks, across the African continent. We have a sound project management methodology that produces on-time and on-budget with high quality and standard service delivery.